Pediatric Speech, Language, and Hearing Therapy


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This year, we are proud to have been selected as one of the top 18 Speech Pathology practices in Indianapolis. We are honored to receive this recognition. The link to this website is listed below.
“We Looked at 211 Speech Pathologists in Indianapolis and Picked the Top 18”
  • “Our son has not only improved in his speech and articulation, but in his self-confidence. He isn’t nervous speaking in front of others or worried that they won’t understand him. Thank you, Kathleen!”
    Sarah Awe
  • “Kathleen does a wonderful job of investing in her clients and helping guide them to success. A few weeks ago into his sessions, our 4-year-old always gets a big smile on his face when he hears it’s time to go to speech therapy. He thinks of it as special help with his sounds – in large part because Kathleen gives him encouragement and confidence and approaches her coaching from an asset-based mindset. We’re grateful for her and SPS for the support they provide!”
    Francesca Brady
  • “SPS and Beth Ann have done wonders for our son Beau’s development for his speech. We have seen great progress in pronunciation, sounds, vocabulary, and sentences. At 18 months old Beau was saying a handful of words, now at 3 ½ years old he has an expanded vocabulary and uses complete sentences! SPS does a great job of creating a specific plan to fit your child’s needs and work on building up their weaknesses. The staff and office are very warm and welcoming, our son Beau always looks forward to his weekly visits. Rest assured your child is in great hands with SPS, they will absolutely help them grow in numerous ways.”
    The Dant Family
  • IMG_3812When she began working with Cindy, Nora was able to produce only a handful of sounds.  Over the last 5 years, Nora has progressed tremendously.  Her sound production is now excellent, and her articulation and intelligibility continue to improve at a steady pace.  Cindy’s warm but authoritative instruction motivates and propels Nora to succeed in developing her speech and language skills.  Cindy also seeks to enhance Nora’s cognitive functioning through work on topics such as rhyming, matching/categorization, and reading comprehension.  We are indebted to Cindy for sharing her time and expertise – she has been absolutely wonderful for Nora!
    Melissa Danielson
  • “Our family’s experience with SPS has been beyond excellent. Our son knows what to expect, is challenged with his emerging skills, and truly enjoys his time working alongside Cindy Cobb. She has great ability and experience to engage and provide him with hands on activities that bring new skills to the surface and reinforce skills he is working to master. Cindy naturally sees the positive work our son puts in and plays to his strengths to motivate him within their session together. She gives us clear areas that we can carry over to focus on at home as well as being open to areas we desire progress. When our family was experiencing a challenging season Cindy provided a consistent and caring space for our son to continue his speech and language growth. We are grateful for SPS and the significant impact Cindy Cobb has had in our family’s growth on this journey!

    Candice Thompson
  • “Cindy has been working with my son, Ben, since he turned 3 years old. He is now 22! Cindy has made such a difference in Ben’s life. She puts so much thought into her sessions, and truly tailors them to each student’s individual needs. She is kind, patient, and always invested and interested in Ben’s life. He has come a long way over the years thanks to Cindy.”  
    Kate Rewers
  • “We were given Cindy’s name when we were in the NICU with our daughter, Lauryn, who was born with Down Syndrome, in 2010. We saw Cindy several times in Lauryn’s first year- Cindy was SO helpful and supportive in helping us navigate what was best for Lauryn’s development in those early months. When Lauryn phased out of First Steps, we chose to continue our work with Cindy, even though we live on the South side of Indianapolis. There have been. Times when our drive to or from SPS has taken us longer than Lauryn’s weekly speech session, but it is SO worth it. Cindy has been infinitely instrumental in Lauryn’s overall growth and progress. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has vast experience in working with individuals of all ages with Down Syndrome. She has been a huge mentor and resource for me as we navigate Lauryn’s school journey. SPS/Cindy looks at the whole speech and language picture. Lauryn’s growth goes way beyond what many think is involved in “speech therapy” (ex: articulation). The focus on language, communication, and literacy has helped Lauryn succeed beyond our initial hopes. On top of that, Lauryn adores her. Cindy is so caring and nurturing and has high expectations for Lauryn and all of her clients. She is a true blessing in our lives, and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for speech and language therapy!”
    Jennifer Buechler
  • “Our experience with Beth Ann Ellis at Speech Pathology Services has been incredible. Our daughter has progressed and developed on the building blocks of pronunciation, growing her vocabulary, forming sentences, and overall being able to communicate her wants and needs. I know it comes from many years of education and hard work, but what happens in speech therapy feels like magic. I can finally understand my daughter in a way I was afraid may have not been possible just a year ago. Thanks Beth Ann!”
    Nichole LePage, Self Advocate
  • “Beth Ann is warm and welcoming, Sawyer immediately felt comfortable with her. She is patient and listened compassionately to all our concerns. She has been a great resource for our family navigating Sawyer’s speech needs. Her evaluation was thorough. She worked with Sawyer’s stamina, so she saw the truest version of him while assessing. Sawyer has made so much progress communicating- family, friends, and his school commented quickly on how much more he was expressing. We look forward to playing with Beth Ann every week.”
    Carley Rider