Pediatric Speech, Language, and Hearing Therapy


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This year, we are proud to have been selected as one of the top 18 Speech Pathology practices in Indianapolis. We are honored to receive this recognition. The link to this website is listed below.
“We Looked at 211 Speech Pathologists in Indianapolis and Picked the Top 18”
  • IMG_3812When she began working with Cindy, Nora was able to produce only a handful of sounds.  Over the last 5 years, Nora has progressed tremendously.  Her sound production is now excellent, and her articulation and intelligibility continue to improve at a steady pace.  Cindy’s warm but authoritative instruction motivates and propels Nora to succeed in developing her speech and language skills.  Cindy also seeks to enhance Nora’s cognitive functioning through work on topics such as rhyming, matching/categorization, and reading comprehension.  We are indebted to Cindy for sharing her time and expertise – she has been absolutely wonderful for Nora!
    Melissa Danielson
  • Our son Gavin has been working with Ms Karen for 8 months now and his progress has been incredible. Gavin suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to relearn everything and speech has been one of his greatest challenges. He started at the very beginning, using signs and making basic sounds. The frustration we saw when he wasn't able to communicate with us was heartbreaking. However, Karen has been an invaluable resource for Gavin, using techniques and practices that fit his condition and his level. Not only did she help Gavin learn to talk again but she gave our family resources and guidance in what we could do outside of therapy to aid in his progress. We can not give Karen enough praise for her dedication to our son and his journey. We highly recommend Speech Pathology Services to any family looking for compassionate and educated speech therapists.gavin

    Amanda Swearingen
  • Mackenzie has been at Speech Pathology Services since 2004. We have been so thrilled with her progress. Recently we were lucky enough to be introduced to Erin, who is her new therapist. Mackenzie has shown so much growth in the short time she has been working with Erin. We couldn't be more pleased! Erin is very creative in her approach to teaching Mackenzie her speech skills. She follows the goals in her IEP as well as adds her own, incorporates the latest technology with the apps available and keeps Mackenzie motivated with movement and the empowerment of "choices"! Mackenzie loves coming to speech each week!
    Stacey Wilt
  • "Miss Cindy" just has a knack for working with my daughter. She has always been patient, kind, and positive with Olivia, but also has the right amount of structure and appropriate goals for her ability. Olivia has loved going to see Miss Cindy from the start. She is very proud of her "book" that shows some of what she has worked on during each session. Cindy is always so professional. She always takes the time to discuss Olivia's session with me--what great things Olivia said and what we need to practice. I am so grateful that Olivia has Cindy to work so hard with her and to continue to encourage and challenge her. I would recommend Cindy and Speech Pathology Services to any family looking for excellent speech services!
    Laura Graham
  • Hi, I'm Kelley. Cindy has been my speech therapist for almost 19 years. I was only 11 months old when I first met her. Cindy is special because when I am with her she gives me all of her attention. Sometimes, I even have to tell my mom to leave so I don't have to share my "Cindy time". Cindy is awesome. I want to thank her for the time she gives to all the children.
    Kelley Schreiner, Self Advocate
  • Our son has greatly benefited from speech therapy at Speech Pathology Services. His delayed speech is understood by a professional with years of experience as well as a grasp of current information. Lots of repetition, an individualized strategy and an understanding of the student himself have combined for clear progress in Sky's speech skills.
    Nancy and Steve Simpson